Saturday, October 25, 2008


Weather seems to be really irritating nowadays.!!! Last 2 weeks on Sunday and Last week Sunday, Heavy downpour when rock-climbing at Bukit timah Dairy Farm. I was drenched to the maximum. Then what else, shivering throughout my whole journey on the way to ClimbAsia. But i'm lucky, My Bag is Waterproof.. Wahaha..

AND THEN TODAY, when none of the "Climbing Kakis" plan to go climbing today, The Weather was like Superb for climbing.. WAH LAU EH...!! PUAH TURBAN...

Now Tell Me, Is that IRRITATING or NOT..?!!

HaizZZZzzz... Now Shall Turn in, tomorrow have to report to Sarimbun Scouts Camp at 7.30. DAMN EARLY lar..! have a 1km morning walk from the bus stop to the campsite.. Shiokness. Gd Night People..!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Big Brother... It's been 4 years since u left. May You Rest in Peace..

On a lighter note.. I Rock-climbed the whole day.!! Shiokness.. i'm gonna feel the ache tomorrow when in camp.. nvm.. ask my group kids to massage me.. LoL.. Gd night Ppl..

Friday, October 10, 2008


Happy 20th Birthday to myself.. Heh.. Every year, with my small family, will buy a cake for me and have a small celebration at home. i was really very grateful. I Dont expect much from anyone. I really appreciate to all those who wish for my birthday. deep down in my heart, i'm very happy. At least i know, that i do exist in this world.

To those who waited on Thurs(9/10) for 12 midnight, thanks for the wish. i took the last train home and overslept to boonlay. took bus home and again, doze off.. if not for u ppl's wishes, i think i'll overslept again in the bus home.bcoz the msges perked me up in the bus and i was like smiling from ear-to-ear,ppl might think i'm crazy smiling to myself. Haha.

To those who wish me early in the morning from ard 5am til 11+am, Thanks for disrupting my sleep. Haha, This Old Nokia phone have an irritating ring tone. Nevertheless, i doze off back with a smile.

My Dear Friend Esther who's at London willingly msg me from the other corner of the world. How thoughtful of you. Really appreciate it.. Heh

My wish, i want to relive the times when i was at the peak in Baseball. Baseball is a minority in Singapore. So i would like to make a history, to be 1 of the best pitchers in South-East Asia.

Finally i would like to thanks again to all those who wished me happy birthday.. I really appreciate it.. THANK YOU ALL..!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Farewell, My Friend

Sorry Qiuyi, i wasn't feeling well in the afternoon And i Overslept. Tomorrow i'll make it up for today k. We shall study hard tomorrow. Heh.

Today, Was quite a sad day because a friend of mine leaving for UK for further studies. She'll be studying there for 6 years, Freaking Long ar.!! Her name is Esther. First time i met her were a few months ago, at Dairy Farm for camp briefing. Was wondering who's this girl wearing so formally. HaHa. And We were buddy groups during your first camp. Heh. It was really fun huh that time. All those priceless memories.

Although we're not very close, it's great to be a friend of yours and it's certainly, a pleasure to meet you Esther. Heh. Oh Yeah, When u get back to Singapore, we'll go rock-climbing again OK. A call is all u need to do to get through to me. Ok maybe 2. Perhaps 4. Ok Lame. Now as i'm blogging this, she had just started her journey there, 13hours of flight journey. Really torturing.. HaHa.

I hope u like the birthday gifts i get for you.! Lastly, May you have a safe journey. TAKE CARE.!! And Good Luck On Your Future Endeavours..!!

Me and Esther, after White Sands pri camp.

More pictures to come, today at airport, and 20th sept rock-climbing day. Have to wait for Aji to Send me pictures..!! That's all for Now, Til next time..

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Muscle tear is 1 injury i'd experience that i will nvr forget.Tore my calf muscle on both legs during Baseball training few years ago when i'm in sec 3. First week after i tore it, my dad had to actually assist me, pulling me up out of the bed. AND imagine, u woke up in the early morning, welcomed by a sudden sharp pain at ur calf muscle, leaving u breatheless because of trying to overcome the pain. Sial lar, innocent sia. Is like as if, someone awoken u from sleep by beating u up. HaHa..

Now, Somehow, i'm experiencing the above mentioned today. At least it is not as bad as that time, because i can get out of the bed myself. Hmm, Recurring injuries.

Nevertheless, i like the activities i'd done the past 4 days. Thurs street soccer, Fri jogging, Sat Rock-climbing and Sun street soccer mini-competition. Shiokness. As For Now, i shall rest.

a small, smally, little worldy

Ok, recently on thurs,when playing street soccer at Tanjong pagar, a new group of ppl joined to play and I made friends with them. At the end of the night, when everyone's packing stuff to go back home, they seemed to be discussing abt a mini competition among friends which is held today at Kallang Cage and they are in need of a goalkeeper. So they asked me to play with them.

And today, able to get to know more abt them, Most of them are from Outramians..!! Only 2 are still currently studying in Outram sec, and no wonder, 1 of them look REALly Familiar. Like have seen somewhere before but where ar.. Hmm..

With the help of him, saying sec 3 camp a few months ago, A'Hahhhhh.. No wonder, seen him a couple of times at camp even though i didnt take his group.

His name is Weirong from 3/2. Somebody's bf from the class that i took but not in my group. Did i spell his name correctly.?! I hope i do.

Anyway, We Owned the CAGE man..!! Good Work Guys.!! Even though this is my first time playing with u guys, and first time, already playing some competitive games and not "For Fun" playing street soccer, We played our best and showed them no mercy. Hard-earn cash for all of u. Great Work. Next time Chiong Tanjong Pagar again ar.! Thursday nights ar..

Hmm.. Freaking tired now. Slept only for 3 hours since Friday. Damn it.It's happening again, this lack of sleep. And now i just woke up from another 3 hours of sleep. I better rest my legs for the next 2 days. Damn, it's aching all over, especially my calves.. ARghhh, i dont want to tear my calf muscles again. OK Fir, Better Rest..

Shall log off now... Till next time.. =)

Friday, September 19, 2008


Woohoo..!! Just got back home from Third place. went jogging with QiuYi and some more new friends i've made. Heh. Nice knowing you ppl. It was a great Jog indeed. And just nice, finish jogging can already go break Fast. Wahhh, Later at work, confirm cramps all over my legs. yesterday street soccer, today jogging.. Not bad not bad, i'm sure can meet my goal at the end of the year.

Next week, as planned just now in the bus. Must confirm again alright QiuYi. I'll make sure it'll be a fruitful lesson.Erm, ask Shahul along, and perhaps 1 more person. Not too many, or else won't be able to concentrate. Better take note of ur free days alright and tell me abt it, so we can plan. Heh.

Hmm, Perhaps maybe tomorrow i shall go rock-climbing.. Any Interested people out there.?! Hehe...

Alright gotta go for Work. Gd night Ppl..!!